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NaturePlay NZ provides specialist support and vision for understanding the living and learning needs of children and youth, in the 21st century. Assisting our children of today to grow and evolve to be all that they are destined to be, and as nature intended.

NaturePlay NZ brings the parent, the professional educator and the elder a re-contextualised 21st century interpretation of the old wisdoms, from a time when it was understood "Nature is our Greatest Teacher." We uphold & honour the old wisdom, held by nature, and shared down through the ages of the ancestors of many indigenous cultures.

Enjoy your journey of discovery as you explore the 4 dimensions of NaturePlay NZ as we support you to guide your children, their future and our planet.

Made in Nature

Made in Nature is a collection of uniquely handcrafted natural taonga (treasures) packaged into rich sensory and imaginatively infinite play and learning products for the young child. >>>

Nature Playscapes

Design and construction of natural living playgrounds and outdoor classrooms which nurture the childs soul. >>>

Natures way

Natures Way provides educational resources, training pathways & workshops to assist you on your journey to understanding the infinite wisdom of 'nature our greatest teacher'. You may be an early childhood provider, a professional educator or a parent. >>>

Nature's Essences

Natures natural healing 'toolkit' for supporting a childs journey pre birth to adulthood. For total health and wellbeing. >>>


Rolling thunder... When you are ready, come to me. I will take you into nature. In nature you will learn everything that you need to know. The 21st century is an age like no other. Our children face some of the greatest challenges and stresses presented in earth's history. Both personally and collectively it will become known as the time in history when we return to working in cooperative relationship with the natural forces of nature.

Through connecting the child's heart to the earth's heart we sow a seed of belonging to this earth, allowing a relationship of reverence, respect, cooperation, beauty and balance with all of life to unfold.

Guiding our children to a place of 'right' relationship with all of life, and laying the foundation years of life as nature intended will assist them to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and capacities to navigate life's challenges.