Made in nature

Made in Nature is a collection of uniquely handcrafted natural taonga (treasures) packaged into rich sensory and imaginatively infinite play and learning opportunities/products for the young child.
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Our treasures for children are individually created in our workshop with natural timbers, sourced from the nature which we live within. Each tree, plant and gift of nature is honourably and respectfully sourced. (see our philosophy of gathering below)

Made in Natures play and learning products entrust a child their own creativity, allowing their own reality to unfold through freely directed play and learning whilst developing a closer, joy filled relationship with the natural world.

Reminding the child in all of us the beauty of play, our products focus on supporting the child in their first 7 years of development.

To walk a life of beauty (heart) we must first be able to see the beauty in all of life. To see the beauty we must first experience the beauty. Experience the beauty, See the beauty, Walk in beauty.

As adults we make choices about what we provide for a childs play and learning experiences. What surrounds a childs world and how they experience it, imprints their reality and foundation for life.

In a world where everything is a sea of energy we can consider what energy is supportive of healthy development and the unfolding of life and that which is limiting. jump

At NaturePlayNZ we look for opportunities to support a child to develop a healthy harmonious relationship with all of life. Made in Nature connects the child to a slice of nature's rich offerings.

Packaged for the home and for the educational provider in a variety of sizes our products are Made with Aroha for you, here in NZ.

Philosophy of gathering

We collect by hand - from us to you. All taonga (treasures) are locally sourced by our family and friends. All timbers are sustainably harvested from the native forests on our land or collected from local fallen trees. Beeswax comes from the beehives on our land. Where a processed timber is required we ensure it is untreated and free of any toxic substance to the child.

Our respect for the taonga(treasures) is shown through our protocols of always ask first and give thanks for what is given.

Safety Disclosure

We recommend that adults supervise the safe use and play with all our products. Some products are small and may be a choking hazard. It is advised that products are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years unless fully supervised. Please use caution. NaturePlay NZ Ltd and it associates take no liability in the unsafe use of our products and advise adult supervision.

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